Hs-Software Transportation

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Description of the application:
The app makes it possible to drive more economique (you'll be able to save up to 20% of fuel!) based on using the idle gear. While driving most of the energy is lost when slowing down using the break. While using the idle gear, the engine does not help to slow down. The app combines these to facts. It shows the driver exactly when to choose the idle gear in order to save as much fuel as possible. If you for example want to have 50km/h at the beginning of a city, the software will calculate the moment you can switch to the idle gear so that you will have exactly 50km/h where you wanted to. There is no need to slow down any further! You will be able to save 1 to 1.8 litre on 100km depending on your way of driving and type of car.

The app is completely free of advertisement!!

Overview of the features:
→ app shows the moment when to choose the idle gear
→ easy to edit recorded tracks
→ different friction profiles for different cars
→ easy to edit recorded tracks
→ altitude profile of the tracks
→ analysis of friction profiles for improving calculations
→ displaying the speed via GPS → more exactly than your tachometer
→ km to destination
→ air distance between position and destination
→ displaying of altitude
→ driving time and pauses are shown
→ driven distance
→ speed control
→ large-scaled view of the time when to take the idle gear in order to not drawing of the attention of the driver

The software is distributed without any warranty.

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